Interested in owing your won franchise? At Drumming Up Business Franchising, we have designed a thorough, yet simple, process to owning a franchise. Our role is to help guide you to make all the right steps that will lead you to your ideal franchise. The final decision is yours to make, and we will give you the best information out there to make an informed decision, based on our 30+ years of experience in the franchise industry.



Intro Call/





Present Franchise Options


Financial Qualifications


Franchise Webinar



Franchise Location


Purchase Franchise

1. Intro Call / Questionnaire: The purpose of our initial call will be to introduce ourselves, review the process we will follow, and then provide details on the questionnaire.

2. Follow-Up Analysis: Once the questionnaire is complete we will have a follow-up call to review the information provided, and to discuss our analysis of your interests, qualifications, and goals in owning a business. 

3. Present Franchise Options: Based on our last call, we will then proceed to provide basic information on several different franchise options that we determine may be a fit. You will have the chance to review the brands to get a feel for them to see if you'd like to learn more, or if we need to head in a different direction. We have access to over 300 of the leading franchise brands available to you. The key is to gradually narrow down your interests until you feel confident that the choice you are making is the right one.


4. Financial Qualifications: There are many financial assistance programs, loan brokers, retirement rollovers (offering tax free opportunities for buying your business) as well as traditional and creative funding options. Getting pre-qualified for financing is highly recommended. We work with several of the leading financing sources, and can connect you directly to them in order for you to learn about the options available to you.

5. Franchise Webinar: Once you determine which brands you'd like to learn more on, we will set-up time for you to attend a webinar to go through a in-depth presentation on the franchise to learn more about what they offer.

6. Visit Franchise Location: Visiting a franchise location is a great way for you to see in-person what the business entails. You will have the opportunity to meet a franchisee (when available) and get a sense of whether or not the franchise is something you can see yourself being a part of.

7. Purchase Franchise: Once you've picked the franchise, completed your diligence, and obtained financing, then the final step is to become a franchise owner! Generally you will take a trip to the franchise headquarters to attend a "discovery day," and begin your road to franchise ownership.